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…are the definition of this dynamic duo. These inspirational women make your vision to succeed their priority through actively CONNECTING TO WHAT MATTERS to you. Their lens of excellence shines through in all of the work that they take on.”

- Kalika Blake, Bold Purpose

“They each possess a strong ability to assess business needs and confidently address opportunities with honest and enthusiastic solutions. With the combined force of these two, you and your business are guaranteed to grow.”

— Kathleen Sweeney

“They BOTH have a knack for customer service and are genuine communicators. Working with them is my favorite form of partnership. Caitlin has great business acumen and has always provided honest and thoughtful feedback. Robin has a keen eye for visuals and is always creating aesthetically pleasing spaces and setups. Their assessments will leave you with a narrow focus and a feeling of being empowered.”

— Shannon shoemaker

“F.Word Consulting is a very dynamic duo! The moment we met I knew they’d be a perfect fit for Love Peridot. I learned a plethora of information in the short time that they analyzed my business and can’t wait to implement all that they shared. Robin and Caitlin are so fun but they are extremely professional and knowledgeable about all things retail. Our assessment time was filled with lots of VALUE which is so important when you’re busy running a business. I can’t say enough nor thank them enough.”

— d’cher whitaker, Love Peridot

“Caitlin and Robin possess a keen ability to see an individuals’ unique talents and attributes and leverage those to empower them to success.”

— shanti drake