“With AMAZING coaching from Robin, I quickly considered her a partner and was able to excel as a highly successful leader. From recruiting and hiring a strong team, to helping me create a visually inspiring shop, this powerhouse empowered me to be the influential leader I am today.”

— N.L. Boutique Manager

“F.word consulting will be my first call”

"Throughout my 25 year Leadership Career, Caitlin Heinen is one of my most valued and trusted business partners!  She will take the time to ask questions to truly get to know you and your needs…..she is an expert trainer and coach, who is always in a teaching and learning mode.  If I ever have the opportunity to consult with a Business Leader, Coach and Trainer, F.word consulting will be my first call."                 

T.K. Regional Sales Director


“PASSION and PARTNERSHIP are the definition of this dynamic duo. These inspirational women make your vision to succeed their priority through actively CONNECTING TO WHAT MATTERS to you. Their lens of excellence shines through in all of the work that they take on.”

— District Manager


“such a blessing”

“You took the time to personally invest in my growth, even when you didn’t have to. Your leadership and investment in people is such a blessing!”

J.C. Boutique Manager

“honest and enthusiastic”

“…they each possess a strong ability to assess business needs and confidently address opportunities with honest and enthusiastic solutions. With the combined force of these two, you and your business are guaranteed to grow.”

- K.S. District Manager


“collaborative and energizing!”

“..I found this experience to be collaborative and energizing!  She listens to understand, and is able to remain objective while maintaining a strong alignment with the vision and mission of the company...”


“truly invests herself”

“…I have witnessed, first-hand, the positive impact she has made on the lives of those around her because she truly invests herself and cares for the well-being of others.”

“strategic in her approach”

“Caitlin's ability to problem solve and identify potential road blocks made her a great partner and strong business driver.  She is strategic in her approach and has a finely-tuned sense of urgency which allows her to confidently take action.” 

- L.G. District Manager

“it felt like a partnership”

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Caitlin and Robin for 4+ years. Caitlin has great business acumen and has always provided honest and thoughtful feedback. Robin has a keen eye for visuals and is always creating aesthetically pleasing spaces and setups. They both have a knack for customer service and are genuine communicators who can deliver their message to anyone. My favorite thing about working with them is that it felt like a partnership. Their assessments will leave you with a narrow focus and a feeling of being empowered!”

S.S. Boutique Manager

“Caitlin and Robin possess a keen ability to see an individuals unique talents and attributes and leverage those to empower them to success.”

- S.D. Boutique Manager