Specialty Package pricing is project-based and each package includes:

  • 3 days on location with you

    • Observing current practices

    • Collaborating alongside you to implement our expert solutions

  • Tailored resources specific to your business

    • Walk away with personalized tools and documents we create to help promote consistency, assist in training and set you up for continued self-learning and insight

  • 2 weeks of Follow-up support

    • Call or email us with any questions, concerns or confirmation as you take what you learned and put it into action for the next 2 weeks. We’ve got your back!

Hiring & Onboarding

Starting at $1000

For the girl whose feet hurt. Take a load off, stop working open to close. Learn how to source candidates, identify top talent, interview effectively and on-board for success. You can expect to discuss strategies and best practices for hiring and on-boarding, walk through obstacles and solutions, and define your own hiring process.

  • Learn and discuss emerging hiring trends

  • Set-up key platforms and resources for sourcing candidates

  • Define job descriptions and responsibilities

  • Establish standard processes for screening, interviewing and following up

  • Practice assessing resumes/applications and interviews

  • Observe and conduct interviews with support

  • Create onboarding best practices

Tailored Resources Include:

  • Defined job descriptions and responsibilities

  • Recruiting materials

  • Applications

  • Interview tools

  • Onboarding materials

  • Training schedule  

Talent Management

Starting at $900

For the girl who repeats herself and the girl who repeats herself. Stop feeling like you’re talking to yourself. Learn to boost your team’s performance through motivational strategies, development practices and accountability procedures. You will discover ways to help employees meet and exceed expectations in their role using strategies and tools to capitalize on strengths, instill self-learning and escalate consequences.

  • Identify drivers of employee engagement in your business

  • Learn and discuss goal-setting and incentivizing strategies

  • Practice creating an employee development plan to build skills

  • Streamline processes to escalate consequences for poor performance

  • Establish regular feedback procedures

  • Practice writing and delivering performance reviews

Tailored Resources Include:

  • Incentive and reward strategies

  • Development plan template

  • Performance improvement plan

  • Poor performance documentation

  • Performance reviews

Starting at $800

For the girl who finds her keys in the freezer. Our team can help you put processes in place, stay organized, save money and improve profits while delivering exceptional service. Together we will unlock growth, lower costs and unleash your strategy.

  • Organize back office functions and streamline processes

  • Develop effective scheduling

  • Learn time management strategies for tasks and responsibilities

  • Standardize daily procedures

  • Refine inventory management and stock practices

  • Assistance in business planning & sales forecasting

  • Walk-through expenses and budgeting

Tailored Resources Include:

  • Employee handbook

  • Standard operating procedures guide

  • Processes checklists for training and follow-up

  • Sales projection tracker

Operational Efficiencies

Starting at $800

For the girl who isn’t pinterested. We’ll be your fresh set of eyes and ideas. Together we can improve the way you present the right product for your customers. From strategy to execution we will collaborate with you and your team to build a solid understanding of visual merchandising principles that align with your brand image.

  • Analyze product range

  • Refine brand atmosphere and visual aesthetic

  • Optimize store layout and discuss space utilization

  • Review inventory management and product lifecycle game plan

  • Discuss creative merchandising ideas for displays

  • Learn to link merchandising decisions to sales performance and metrics

Tailored Resources Include:

  • Standards and guidelines reference

  • Planograms and layout options

  • Marketing strategies

Visual & Merchandise Strategy

Starting at $1000

For the girl who loves her customers, but has to compete with Target on the corner. Stand out.  We will help you level-up with expert coaching and resources to provide a branded customer experience that helps your small business differentiate through service.  

  • Understand metrics for measuring selling success

  • Strategize practices to meet sales goals

  • Brand your customer experience

  • Learn and practice selling techniques

  • Build clienteling and customer communication routines

  • Anticipate problems and walk-through resolutions

  • Assess marketing approaches

Tailored Resources Include:

  • Customer avatar

  • KPI breakdown tool

  • Active-selling training resources

  • Product knowledge training resource

Sales Development

For the girl who doesn’t order off the menu. Don’t see exactly what you need? Have no fear! We’ll build a package suited specifically to your needs! Our goal is to create impactful, realistic and cost-effective solutions that embrace your vision and meet you where you are.