For the girl who loves what she does. Let us help you do more of it.

We get it. You started your business for the love of something! (sounds familiar) You have a passion, and a creativity that made you launch your business and yet you’ve probably discovered that there are so many other parts of running a business that take up your time and energy. That’s where we come in. Our personal approach aims to magnify your strengths by identifying the things sapping you of your time and energy and implementing high-impact, straightforward adjustments to make those easier. As collaborative partners, we continuously ask “What else? How far? Let’s go higher!” and seek creative, cost-effective business strategies that eliminate the background noise and amplify your vision. We know your to-do list is always long. Let us help you prioritize the “want to’s” without sacrificing the “have to’s.”

You be the expert of what you love. We’ve got your back for the parts you don’t.


Comprehensive Support Strategy

One month of comprehensive support allows us to discover business needs across all areas, provide recommendations and begin implementing strategies in a key area. With ongoing support, we go further, helping keep you on track, build on those strategies and elevate your business with continual professional development.


Comprehensive Support Pricing

  • Assessment Fee = $500

  • 1 month = Price per client

  • 3+ month support = (save 10%)

  • Year+ support = (save 20%)

Comprehensive Support includes:

Initial Assessment & Setup:

  • 4 days on location with you

    • Observe current practices

    • Provide recommendations across all areas of business

    • Initiate strategy implementation in a key focus area

  • Tailored resources specific to your business

    • We create personalized tools and documents to promote consistency, assist in training and set you up for continued self-learning and insight in your key focus area (see our Specialty Packages page for examples.)

  • 1 month of unlimited support

    • Call or email us with any questions, concerns or confirmation as you take what you learned and put it into action for the next month. We’ve got your back!

  • Follow-Up Visit

    • Receive a follow-up visit within the month for insight on your progress and additional support as needed.

Consecutive months of Comprehensive Support additionally include:

  • Targeted long-term strategy plan

  • Full-day monthly visit to re-assess and build on strategies

  • Monthly scheduled touch-base calls

  • Monthly pop-in or secret shop

  • Ongoing professional development

  • Unlimited access to us for questions, concerns, and additional needs