Caitlin Heinen



I didn’t start with this destination in mind. But I know how I got here and I know why I’m here. And that’s the most important part. Ten years ago, fresh out of grad school, I wandered into a path in retail, and it unlocked in me a passion for helping women reach their highest potential. I overcame the fear of not doing what I thought I'd be doing and went after this new passion hard. I jumped up and down for any opportunity to influence bigger.

As a district manager and brand trainer, I’ve led 32 stores at a time, multiple districts, facilitated new store openings, overseen remodels across markets, trained new leaders, and provided ongoing peer support. After a decade of leading women, I’ve aligned my passion with my skills. Basically, I solve problems and grow people. I’ve done it for 10 years, and now I want to do it for you. Actually, I want to do it with you.

We bring you fearless passion and serious skill. Experts invested not just in your business, but in you.