Not the beginning

Not the beginning

I don’t know about you, but I always had a terrible time starting at the beginning.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” - Mark Twain

“From small beginnings come great things” - Proverb

“Every moment is a fresh beginning”  - TS Elliot

Beginnings are toasted, quoted and glorified. Whether described as fresh, difficult or magical, we are told that beginnings are great just because nothing has happened yet, so that must mean that anything can.  We are encouraged to imagine the outcome we want, and just have the courage to start. That by taking the first step, our journey of a thousand has begun.

It’s a wonderful thought, and a powerful motivational message. But we’ve always struggled with the idea that the beginning is the best place to start. In the beginning, everything is shiny, it’s new and exciting and easy to rev up passion and drive. Look around you – how many projects did you start with gusto? How many new years did you begin full of intention? Most of us have skeletons of cast-off beginnings hanging in the closet, the desk drawer and right next to the front door.  And it’s terrifying, to think of all those middles left in the dust, easier to shove them back in a dark corner and invent a shiny new beginning. What we’re proposing is that your journey began a long time ago. Ours did. We didn’t start out looking to be here, but here we are, and all our successes and all our mistakes took us here. Right in the middle of our story. Ready to continue learning and influencing and including more people - maybe you! This may be the beginning of the business we call F.word, but it’s not our beginning. Because we’ve been passionate and helping and guiding people for a long time, our own businesses came next, and yours is where we are now.

So instead of a beginning, we’re offering you a middle. A whole lot of middle! We’re bringing us all along to the middle of our story, where we meet you. Meet us where we are and come along? Where are you in your story? That part is up to you. Embrace the middle!