We’re on a mission of empowerment. We’re at our best when helping others – entrepreneurs like you – to be their best. Too many women tear other women down.  There is a vital, unmet need for more feminists, more strong women working for each other, not against each other. That supportive spirit can infuse all that you do and lift your own business to new heights. Let’s all start taking value and pride in contributing to another woman’s success. We’ve already lived that as a team for seven years, building on our strong prior experiences and creative energies. We have risen together in our careers, investing in ourselves and in our people while growing and evolving as a team. We are two millennial women with insight, verve, and a lot to share. With a combined 20 years of successful business leadership developing and inspiring young women to excel and elevate, we are ready to expand our impact. We want to bring our skills and empowerment to female entrepreneurs. We want to support the incredible progress women have made at owning roles of prominence in society and controlling their own destinies.

Many strong women came before us, and many will come after. We aim to lift as many as we can.


About Caitlin

“I solve problems and grow people.”

I didn’t start with this destination in mind. But I know how I got here and I know why I’m here. And that’s the most important part. Ten years ago, fresh out of grad school, I wandered into a path in retail, and it unlocked in me a passion for helping women reach their highest potential. I overcame the fear of not doing what I thought I'd be doing and went after this new passion hard. I jumped up and down for any opportunity to influence bigger.

As a district manager and brand trainer, I’ve led 32 stores at a time, multiple districts, facilitated new store openings, overseen remodels across markets, trained new leaders, and provided ongoing peer support. After a decade of leading young women, I’ve aligned my passion with my skills. Basically, I solve problems and grow people. I’ve done it for 10 years, and now I want to do it for you. Actually, I want to do it with you.

A big part of how I got here is by living fearlessly, working fiercely, and remaining consistently flexible. You have to be brave frequently in order to become fearless. So take my lead: Jump up and down! Take risks! Live courageously! We bring you fearless passion and serious skill. Experts invested not just in your business, but in you.


About Robin

“I develop people to be skilled & confident”

Something about self-proclaiming my own skills makes my British-schooled self utterly cringe. But the truth is, I’m f.word great at what I do, and I love what I do. I worked my a.word off for years, I said “yes” to any challenge or opportunity that came my way and worked harder than anyone else.

I unexpectedly took my fashion merchandising degree into a series of leadership roles, doing what I never expected to love. I started out on a mission to merchandise beautiful things, but found myself loving the ability to develop people to be skilled and confident. I’ve had the privilege of leading and developing numerous teams of women to success, as a manager, district and company trainer, and recognized district leader and merchandiser.

Find what motivates you and do it better and bigger than anyone else. Whoever you’ve chosen to surround yourself with is imperative to your success.

Choose us for the reason I chose us: A genuine, urgent desire to lift up other women. There is nothing more magnetic than a woman who wants to see other women succeed. You bring the motivation, we’ll bring everything we have.